Written by Ignacio Cruz Ortega

“Lengthy ovations and a double encore after her performances were proof of the success with which the young Dominican violinist debuted in Cuba accompanied by the Camerata Romeu orchestra. The occassion showed the virtuosity that characterises her”



Written by Jorge Dávila Vázquez

“A first class violinist Aisha Syed Castro; sensitivity, art and an admirable and youthful passion for the difficult violin concerto by Sibelius”



Written by Daniel Fernández

“Aisha dazzles with her talent. In more than one occassion the audience were on their feet rewarding the virtuosity of the young lady who wouldn’t spare on the most spectacular effects like double pizzicato, the fastest possible bow speed or very high notes”



“Virtuoso on the violin, Aisha Syed Castro performs in the capital”


 Miami FL, USA

Written by Clifford Cunningham

“However, in the hands of Syed – when she did reach the part where the violin was left to its own devices- the audience was treated to a master class in the violin. It was performed with bravado, but tempered by the same sweetness that opened the Concerto. After spontaneous applause by a duly wowed audience, the Concerto continued with a passage where the violin seems to be very questioning – not nearly as assertive as it appeared before the applause. The orchestra responded gingerly. The strings finally plucked out a reply that the violin accepted – here Syed endowed the violin with a measured level of grace in grateful response to the orchestra’s strings. Syed led the violin into a delightful dance reinforced by the orchestra. After literally kicking up its heels as it was plucked, the violin took a metaphorical rapid spin around the ballroom before bowing to its partner, the orchestra, in self-satisfaction to conclude the Concerto. The response was a rousing standing ovation.”


 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Written by Saeed Saeed

“Lovers of the violin were enthralled on Tuesday night by a performance by Aisha Syed Castro. Making her UAE debut as part of the Abu Dhabi Festival, the statuesque Dominican ­virtuoso demonstrated the classical instrument’s ability to evoke deep emotions with a varied programme that ranged from the classics to modern ­compositions.”


 Frankfurt, Germany

“Does Salma Hayek have a little sister who plays her violin so blessedly that even has the world-famous classical music editors of BBC 3 in London at your feet? This question would be fully justified if you have experienced Aisha Syed Castro on stage …Without any big show distractions, just with a piano accompaniment and her modest smile she played herself full of passion and virtuoso devotion in the hearts of the Frankfurtians and earned their bursting with power”


 Los Angeles CA, USA

Written by Humberto Campiro

“Showcasing the passion of the tango thru her playing, Aisha Syed Castro literally made her violin “sing” as we were transported to a Buenos Aires milonga (tango dance club) to close an evening full of beautiful music brought to us by one of the instrument’s youngest, and most talented ambassadors.”


 Bern, Switzerland

“Meanwhile Gypsy Airs required a sophisticated technique and extreme speed by the young violinist which she managed with ease”


 Fort Lauderdale FL, USA

Written by Lawrence Budmen

“Syed plays with the kind of probing musicality, imagination and freshness that makes thrice familiar music sound newly conceived. Syed took a few minutes to warm up and adjust to the Amaturo acoustic but, once her performance took wing, Syed’s crystalline tone soared and intelligent rendering of Beethoven’s difficult string writing was striking. Syed did not fudge some of Beethoven’s violin juggernauts like some players invariably do. Her strong musical impulses produced some daring interpretive choices. In her hands, the second movement Larghetto sounded almost operatic, the long breathed musical line deeply songful and serene. Syed brought real gusto to the concluding Rondo, the principle theme given gutsy, almost gypsy like thrust. A deeply gifted artist, Syed offered a stimulating reading of a Beethoven masterwork and mainstay of the concerto repertoire.


Gstaad, Switzerland

Written by Simon Thomas

“Performed admirably well”