Founded by Carolina Castro and presided by Aisha Syed, the Music for Life Foundation was born in 2010. Along with Dominican journalists Feliz Vinicio Lora and Carmen Luz Beato Music for Life started a vast journey through schools, hospitals, hospices, orphanages and jails bringing classical music to those whom for social, economic or health reasons could not access it. Through Music for Life’s Talk and Play events Aisha Syed has brought to different countries and cultures (including the United States, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and the Dominican Republic) the joy of classical music with a message centered on her inspiration to help others, the Lord Jesus Christ. The Foundation has launched its first edition of the Música con Propósito Festival in association with the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo which took place in February 2015 and in which over 50 talented children benefited from performance opportunities and master classes by world-renowned violin pedagogue Mark Messenger. The Música con Propósito Festival will be run by the Music for Life Foundation every year in the Dominican Republic with the mission to expand the opportunities given to children who show interest in classical music.